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For Students


At the EDGE Drivers Clinic, you will gain valuable skills to improve your driving techniques. You won’t just sit in a classroom listening to a boring lecture; you will be behind the wheel, driving through real-world exercises.


Our class is held at the Deer Park Airport and our classroom is outdoors so you should be prepared for whatever the weather may be that day — bring sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, etc. as you feel necessary for the sunny days. If the forecast calls for rain or cooler temperatures, be prepared with an umbrella and warm clothing. The EDGE Drivers Clinic will occur rain or shine. In fact, rain helps some of the exercises.


Your parents may want to bring a comfortable chair to sit outside to watch the activities, or possibly even have a good book in case they tire of watching the activities.


Suggestions for getting the most from your time with us:

  1. See the FAQ page for answers to many popular questions.

  2. Shoes must be closed toe, no sandals, heels, flip flops or bare feet. We recommend running or tennis shoes.

  3. Hat, sunglasses, bug spray, sunscreen, rain gear, jeans or shorts are acceptable.

  4. Lunch will be provided for students as part of our full day clinic. Plenty of water will also be available.

  5. Dress comfortably and accordingly. Check the local weather report the night before the event. This suggestion is for the student’s comfort. The event goes on rain or shine and you should prepare for it being hot or cold or wet.

  6. Bring an open mind, with an attitude and willingness to learn.

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