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For Parents


The EDGE Drivers Clinic is designed to equip your child with valuable driving skills that will help keep them safe on the road. You are encouraged to spend the day with your student. The instructors will be available throughout the day to answer questions you might have about the course events your son or daughter are going through.


If you decide to spend the day with us, please dress accordingly and come prepared for a day outside. You may also want to bring a chair to stay comfortable while watching the activities, or possibly even have a good book in case you need a break from watching the activities.


Do parents have to attend?

We do not require that you come to the class, but we strongly suggest that you do. Join the session to familiarize yourself with the material your child is learning. And who knows, even though you've been driving for many years, there just may be a few things that are new to you as well.

We also feel that the importance of driving education and seriousness of this issue is reinforced when your teen driver sees you taking an active interest in what they are doing.


What kind of waiver or consent is needed?

If your driver is attending the school as a minor, they must have the written consent of a parent/guardian. A parent or guardian must be present on the day of the event to sign the Minor Release and Waiver of Liability in front of the instructor.

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