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Real world. Hands on.


When you attend EDGE Drivers Clinic, we teach you to control a car in unpredictable situations. You master the application of driving physics. You learn how to make good driving decisions and how to react more quickly. You become more aware and learn how to begin anticipating the actions of other drivers.

EDGE Drivers Clinic teaches what you cannot learn in Drivers Ed.  We are NOT a Drivers Ed course.  The days of learning how to correct for less than stellar conditions on the road in a parking lot are long gone.  EDGE Drivers Clinic is a unique and effective defensive driving program for drivers or looking to familiarize themselves with driving conditions of the great Pacific Northwest.  Conducted in a safe and insured location, our “Skid Pad” is located right here at our own Deer Park Municipal Airport.  We feel it necessary to share, though taught by stunt professionals, EDGE Drivers Clinic is NOT a stunt school.


EDGE Drivers Clinic is a unique and effective driving program for any driver!


Effective because we employ more simulated REAL LIFE DANGER situational drills than most other schools. Most defensive driving schools provide a one day program with as many as 20 to 30 students in one class. EDGE Drivers Clinic curriculum not only allows for more driving drills and exercises, it also allows for more actual “seat time” repetitions for each student in each drill. Our classess are limited to four students.


Unique because Lead Instructor, Deron Schroeder is not only an expert at training young drivers, but is also a professional stunt driver, who performs skillfully in the motion picture and television industry. He is able to share his knowledge and skills with each student, especially in the areas of response reaction and conditioning, muscle memory and most importantly, how to be cool headed and mentally in control of dangerous events.

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