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EDGE Drivers Clinic has been created to fill the need for basic defensive driving skills above and beyond what's learned in Drivers Ed. Exceptional Drivers Great Experience!

Though co-founder and lead instructor Deron Schroeder's background is stunt driving, EDGE Drivers Clinic is not a stunt school, nor Drivers Ed. It is a survivor drivers clinic focused on building a drivers tool box fit to tackle the rigors of driving in our great Pacific Northwest or anywhere!

With a curriculum focused on various drills specifically designed to make our class cars (retired P-71 police interceptor crown vic's) misbehave in a fashion suited to what one might encounter on the roadway on any given commute. It is our experience that through seat time and vehicle drill repetition, students will gain positive skills and techniques, improve muscle memory and gain reflexes to store in their drivers toolbox thus aiding their ability to handle most any driving situation.

Deron Schroeder - Lead Instructor


Deron has a love for spinning cars, flying gravel, tire squeals, tire smoke and RPM. He is a professional stunt driver, who enjoys sharing his knowledge and skills with each student. He has been exposed to all levels of car control techniques. He possesses a unique ability to communicate all of his experience in a manner that gets through to teens. His commitment to safety and enthusiasm for driving adds up to a truly unique, hands-on day of learning for all drivers.

Deron is a card carrying member of the Screen Actors Guild.  Primarily a car specialist, he is a Hollywood Stuntman that has also been shot and killed, fallen down stairs and fully engulfed in flame. During his time in LA, Deron was trained by Hollywood stunt driving legend of over 40 years, Rick Seaman. In addition to working stunts and rigging cars for a variety of TV and film projects, Deron was an instructor and mechanic at the Motion Picture Driving Clinic where he trained stars and stunt performers.


After a few years of L.A. and feeling full of the big city, the old home farm town boy in Deron was compelled to come back once again to Deer Park, WA. Since being back, Deron was introduced to his bride, Jessica, by a mutual friend and they were wed in February of 2012.  Both agreed that Deer Park is where they wanted to raise their family.       


EDGE Drivers Clinic was started in October 2015.

About Us

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